Commit c56792f7 authored by Charmaine Lee's avatar Charmaine Lee Committed by Andres Gomez

svga: use the winsys interface to invalidate surface

Instead of directly sending the InvalidateGBSurface command,
this patch uses the invalidate_surface interface.

Fixes Linux VM piglit failures including
   ext_texture_array-gen-mipmap, fbo-generatemipmap-array S3TC_DXT1
Reviewed-by: Brian Paul's avatarBrian Paul <>
(cherry picked from commit 019d5d53)

Squashed with commit:

svga: fix pre-mature flushing of the command buffer

When surface_invalidate is called to invalidate a newly created surface
in svga_validate_surface_view(), it is possible that the command
buffer is already full, and in this case, currently, the associated wddm
winsys function will flush the command buffer and resend the invalidate
surface command. However, this can pre-maturely flush the command buffer
if there is still pending image updates to be patched.

To fix the problem, this patch will add a return status to the
surface_invalidate interface and if it returns FALSE, the caller will
call svga_context_flush() to do the proper context flush.
Note, we don't call svga_context_flush() if surface_invalidate()
fails when flushing the screen surface cache though, because it is
already in the process of context flush, all the image updates are already
patched, calling svga_context_flush() can trigger a deadlock.
So in this case, we call the winsys context flush interface directly
to flush the command buffer.

Fixes driver errors and graphics corruption running Tropics. VMware bug 1891975.

Also tested with MTT glretrace, piglit and various OpenGL apps such as
Heaven, CinebenchR15, NobelClinicianViewer, Lightsmark, GoogleEarth.

Reviewed-by: Brian Paul's avatarBrian Paul <>
(cherry picked from commit 3fbdab87)
parent bf425b48
......@@ -362,7 +362,21 @@ svga_screen_cache_flush(struct svga_screen *svgascreen,
/* It is now safe to invalidate the surface content.
* It will be done using the current context.
svga->swc->surface_invalidate(svga->swc, entry->handle);
if (svga->swc->surface_invalidate(svga->swc, entry->handle) != PIPE_OK) {
enum pipe_error ret;
/* Even though surface invalidation here is done after the command
* buffer is flushed, it is still possible that it will
* fail because there might be just enough of this command that is
* filling up the command buffer, so in this case we will call
* the winsys flush directly to flush the buffer.
* Note, we don't want to call svga_context_flush() here because
* this function itself is called inside svga_context_flush().
svga->swc->flush(svga->swc, NULL);
ret = svga->swc->surface_invalidate(svga->swc, entry->handle);
assert(ret == PIPE_OK);
/* add the entry to the invalidated list */
LIST_ADD(&entry->head, &cache->invalidated);
......@@ -502,10 +502,10 @@ svga_validate_surface_view(struct svga_context *svga, struct svga_surface *s)
* need to update the host-side copy with the invalid
* content when the associated mob is first bound to the surface.
ret = SVGA3D_InvalidateGBSurface(svga->swc, stex->handle);
if (ret != PIPE_OK) {
s = NULL;
goto done;
if (svga->swc->surface_invalidate(svga->swc, stex->handle) != PIPE_OK) {
svga_context_flush(svga, NULL);
ret = svga->swc->surface_invalidate(svga->swc, stex->handle);
assert(ret == PIPE_OK);
stex->validated = TRUE;
......@@ -394,7 +394,7 @@ struct svga_winsys_context
* Invalidate the content of this surface
enum pipe_error
(*surface_invalidate)(struct svga_winsys_context *swc,
struct svga_winsys_surface *surface);
......@@ -176,7 +176,7 @@ vmw_svga_winsys_surface_unmap(struct svga_winsys_context *swc,
enum pipe_error
vmw_svga_winsys_surface_invalidate(struct svga_winsys_context *swc,
struct svga_winsys_surface *surf)
......@@ -186,6 +186,7 @@ vmw_svga_winsys_surface_invalidate(struct svga_winsys_context *swc,
* when guest-backed surface is enabled, that implies DMA is always enabled;
* hence, surface invalidation is not needed.
return PIPE_OK;
......@@ -94,7 +94,7 @@ void
vmw_svga_winsys_surface_unmap(struct svga_winsys_context *swc,
struct svga_winsys_surface *srf,
boolean *rebind);
enum pipe_error
vmw_svga_winsys_surface_invalidate(struct svga_winsys_context *swc,
struct svga_winsys_surface *srf);
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