Commit b871874d authored by Kenneth Graunke's avatar Kenneth Graunke Committed by Dylan Baker

isl: Drop UnormPathInColorPipe for buffer surfaces.

Jason suggested I remove this in review, and he's right.  AFAICT this
affects blending, and that just isn't going to happen on buffers.

Fixes: f741de23 ("isl: Enable Unorm Path in Color Pipe")
Reviewed-by: Jason Ekstrand's avatarJason Ekstrand <>
(cherry picked from commit 1b090f06)
parent 80514527
......@@ -764,10 +764,6 @@ isl_genX(buffer_fill_state_s)(void *state,
s.RenderCacheReadWriteMode = 0;
#if GEN_GEN >= 11
s.EnableUnormPathInColorPipe = true;
s.SurfaceBaseAddress = info->address;
#if GEN_GEN >= 6
s.MOCS = info->mocs;
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