Commit b4f508ab authored by Eric Engestrom's avatar Eric Engestrom Committed by Eric Engestrom

meson: define _GNU_SOURCE on FreeBSD

_mesa_strtod() needs this to use strtod_l(), which behaves correctly
wrt `,` vs `.` decimal separator.

Closes: #2008Signed-off-by: Eric Engestrom's avatarEric Engestrom <>
parent 1a2246a5
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......@@ -884,7 +884,7 @@ if cc.compiles('__uint128_t foo(void) { return 0; }',
# TODO: this is very incomplete
if ['linux', 'cygwin', 'gnu', 'gnu/kfreebsd'].contains(host_machine.system())
if ['linux', 'cygwin', 'gnu', 'freebsd', 'gnu/kfreebsd'].contains(host_machine.system())
pre_args += '-D_GNU_SOURCE'
elif host_machine.system() == 'sunos'
pre_args += '-D__EXTENSIONS__'
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