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docs/features: Mark GLES3.1 as done on Panfrost

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......@@ -242,26 +242,26 @@ GL 4.6, GLSL 4.60 -- all DONE: radeonsi, zink
(*) softpipe and llvmpipe advertise 16x anisotropy but simply ignore the setting
These are the extensions cherry-picked to make GLES 3.1
GLES3.1, GLSL ES 3.1 -- all DONE: i965/hsw+, nvc0, r600, radeonsi, virgl, v3d, softpipe, llvmpipe, zink
GLES3.1, GLSL ES 3.1 -- all DONE: i965/hsw+, nvc0, r600, radeonsi, virgl, v3d, softpipe, llvmpipe, zink, panfrost
GL_ARB_arrays_of_arrays DONE (all drivers that support GLSL 1.30)
GL_ARB_compute_shader DONE (freedreno/a5xx+, i965/gen7+, panfrost)
GL_ARB_compute_shader DONE (freedreno/a5xx+, i965/gen7+)
GL_ARB_draw_indirect DONE (freedreno, i965/gen7+, swr)
GL_ARB_explicit_uniform_location DONE (all drivers that support GLSL)
GL_ARB_framebuffer_no_attachments DONE (freedreno, i965/gen7+, softpipe, panfrost)
GL_ARB_framebuffer_no_attachments DONE (freedreno, i965/gen7+, softpipe)
GL_ARB_program_interface_query DONE (all drivers)
GL_ARB_shader_atomic_counters DONE (freedreno/a5xx+, i965/gen7+, swr, panfrost)
GL_ARB_shader_image_load_store DONE (freedreno/a5xx+, i965/gen7+, swr, panfrost)
GL_ARB_shader_image_size DONE (freedreno/a5xx+, i965/gen7+, swr, panfrost)
GL_ARB_shader_storage_buffer_object DONE (freedreno/a5xx+, i965/gen7+, panfrost)
GL_ARB_shader_atomic_counters DONE (freedreno/a5xx+, i965/gen7+, swr)
GL_ARB_shader_image_load_store DONE (freedreno/a5xx+, i965/gen7+, swr)
GL_ARB_shader_image_size DONE (freedreno/a5xx+, i965/gen7+, swr)
GL_ARB_shader_storage_buffer_object DONE (freedreno/a5xx+, i965/gen7+)
GL_ARB_shading_language_packing DONE (all drivers)
GL_ARB_separate_shader_objects DONE (all drivers)
GL_ARB_stencil_texturing DONE (freedreno, nv50, swr, panfrost)
GL_ARB_texture_multisample (Multisample textures) DONE (freedreno/a5xx+, i965/gen7+, nv50, panfrost, swr)
GL_ARB_stencil_texturing DONE (freedreno, nv50, swr)
GL_ARB_texture_multisample (Multisample textures) DONE (freedreno/a5xx+, i965/gen7+, nv50, swr)
GL_ARB_texture_storage_multisample DONE (all drivers that support GL_ARB_texture_multisample)
GL_ARB_vertex_attrib_binding DONE (all drivers)
GS5 Enhanced textureGather DONE (freedreno, i965/gen7+, panfrost)
GS5 Packing/bitfield/conversion functions DONE (freedreno/a5xx+, i965/gen6+, panfrost)
GS5 Enhanced textureGather DONE (freedreno, i965/gen7+)
GS5 Packing/bitfield/conversion functions DONE (freedreno/a5xx+, i965/gen6+)
GL_EXT_shader_integer_mix DONE (all drivers that support GLSL)
Additional functionality not covered above:
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