Commit a4a4553a authored by Jose Fonseca's avatar Jose Fonseca

scons: Allow to use MS's DXSDK headers with MinGW.

parent c51bd94a
......@@ -52,11 +52,20 @@ def generate(env):
target_cpu = 'x64'
raise SCons.Errors.InternalError, "Unsupported target machine"
include_dir = 'Include'
include_dir = os.path.join(dxsdk_root, 'Include')
lib_dir = os.path.join(dxsdk_root, 'Lib', target_cpu)
env.Append(CPPDEFINES = [('HAVE_DXSDK', '1')])
env.Prepend(CPPPATH = [os.path.join(dxsdk_root, 'Include')])
env.Prepend(LIBPATH = [os.path.join(dxsdk_root, 'Lib', target_cpu)])
gcc = 'gcc' in os.path.basename(env['CC']).split('-')
if gcc:
# Make GCC more forgiving towards Microsoft's headers
env.Prepend(CPPFLAGS = ['-isystem', include_dir])
env.Prepend(CPPPATH = [include_dir])
env.Prepend(LIBPATH = [lib_dir])
def exists(env):
return get_dxsdk_root(env) is not None
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