Commit 67f61199 authored by Vinson Lee's avatar Vinson Lee

st/python: Add timeout parameter to fence_finish.

This is a follow-up to commit b39bccbd.

Fixes Linux SCons build.
parent ac8821ff
......@@ -403,7 +403,7 @@ error1:
$self->pipe->flush($self->pipe, flags | PIPE_FLUSH_RENDER_CACHE, &fence);
if(fence) {
/* TODO: allow asynchronous operation */
$self->pipe->screen->fence_finish( $self->pipe->screen, fence, 0 );
$self->pipe->screen->fence_finish( $self->pipe->screen, fence, 0, PIPE_TIMEOUT_INFINITE );
$self->pipe->screen->fence_reference( $self->pipe->screen, &fence, NULL );
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