Commit 4f863dc0 authored by Chia-I Wu's avatar Chia-I Wu

turnip: guard -Dvulkan-driver=freedreno

Require -DI-love-half-baked-turnips=true as well to enable freedreno
vulkan driver.
parent 949ce274
......@@ -206,6 +206,10 @@ with_amd_vk = _vulkan_drivers.contains('amd')
with_freedreno_vk = _vulkan_drivers.contains('freedreno')
with_any_vk = _vulkan_drivers.length() != 0 and _vulkan_drivers != ['']
if with_freedreno_vk and get_option('I-love-half-baked-turnips') != true
error('Cannot enable freedreno vulkan driver')
if with_dri_swrast and (with_gallium_softpipe or with_gallium_swr)
error('Only one swrast provider can be built')
......@@ -330,3 +330,9 @@ option(
value : true,
description : 'Enable direct rendering in GLX and EGL for DRI',
type : 'boolean',
value : false,
description : 'Allow work-in-progress freedreno vulkan driver to be enabled',
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