Commit 2fd21d8a authored by Fredrik Höglund's avatar Fredrik Höglund

mesa: Make sure the buffer exists in _mesa_lookup_bufferobj_err

Generate GL_INVALID_OPERATION and return NULL when the buffer object
hasn't been created.  All callers expect this.

v2: Use a more concise error message.

Cc: Laura Ekstrand <>
Reviewed-by: Laura Ekstrand's avatarLaura Ekstrand <>
parent 9d97cd2e
......@@ -1003,8 +1003,8 @@ _mesa_lookup_bufferobj_locked(struct gl_context *ctx, GLuint buffer)
* A convenience function for direct state access functions that throws
* GL_INVALID_OPERATION if buffer is not the name of a buffer object in the
* hash table.
* GL_INVALID_OPERATION if buffer is not the name of an existing
* buffer object.
struct gl_buffer_object *
_mesa_lookup_bufferobj_err(struct gl_context *ctx, GLuint buffer,
......@@ -1013,9 +1013,11 @@ _mesa_lookup_bufferobj_err(struct gl_context *ctx, GLuint buffer,
struct gl_buffer_object *bufObj;
bufObj = _mesa_lookup_bufferobj(ctx, buffer);
if (!bufObj)
if (!bufObj || bufObj == &DummyBufferObject) {
_mesa_error(ctx, GL_INVALID_OPERATION,
"%s(non-generated buffer name %u)", caller, buffer);
"%s(non-existent buffer object %u)", caller, buffer);
return NULL;
return bufObj;
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