Commit 223654b8 authored by Brian Paul's avatar Brian Paul

mesa: new _mesa_total_buffer_object_memory() debug function

This function can be called in gdb to find out how much memory is used
by buffer objects.
parent 5154b452
......@@ -347,6 +347,36 @@ _mesa_initialize_buffer_object( struct gl_context *ctx,
* Callback called from _mesa_HashWalk()
static void
count_buffer_size(GLuint key, void *data, void *userData)
const struct gl_buffer_object *bufObj =
(const struct gl_buffer_object *) data;
GLuint *total = (GLuint *) userData;
*total = *total + bufObj->Size;
* Compute total size (in bytes) of all buffer objects for the given context.
* For debugging purposes.
_mesa_total_buffer_object_memory(struct gl_context *ctx)
GLuint total = 0;
_mesa_HashWalk(ctx->Shared->BufferObjects, count_buffer_size, &total);
return total;
* Allocate space for and store data in a buffer object. Any data that was
* previously stored in the buffer object is lost. If \c data is \c NULL,
......@@ -89,6 +89,8 @@ _mesa_reference_buffer_object(struct gl_context *ctx,
_mesa_reference_buffer_object_(ctx, ptr, bufObj);
extern GLuint
_mesa_total_buffer_object_memory(struct gl_context *ctx);
extern void
_mesa_init_buffer_object_functions(struct dd_function_table *driver);
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