Commit 1363a47c authored by Dave Airlie's avatar Dave Airlie

radv: use 3d shader for gfx9 copies if dst is 3d

This fixes some crucible 3d miptree tests I've been working on
when executed using the compute shader path.

Fixes: d08f2678 (radv/gfx9: fix 3d image to image transfers on compute queues.)
Reviewed-by: Samuel Pitoiset's avatarSamuel Pitoiset <>
parent 12e35a64
......@@ -2061,7 +2061,7 @@ radv_meta_image_to_image_cs(struct radv_cmd_buffer *cmd_buffer,
itoi_bind_descriptors(cmd_buffer, &src_view, &dst_view);
if (device->physical_device->rad_info.chip_class >= GFX9 &&
src->image->type == VK_IMAGE_TYPE_3D)
(src->image->type == VK_IMAGE_TYPE_3D || dst->image->type == VK_IMAGE_TYPE_3D))
pipeline = cmd_buffer->device->meta_state.itoi.pipeline_3d;
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