Commit 08a5c395 authored by Kenneth Graunke's avatar Kenneth Graunke

intel: Fix SIMD16 unaligned payload GRF reads on Gen4-5.

When the SIMD16 Gen4-5 fragment shader payload contains source depth
(g2-3), destination stencil (g4), and destination depth (g5-6), the
single register of stencil makes the destination depth unaligned.

We were generating this instruction in the RT write payload setup:

   mov(16)   m14<1>F   g5<8,8,1>F   { align1 compr };

which is illegal, instructions with a source region spanning more than
one register need to be aligned to even registers.  This is because the
hardware implicitly does (nr | 1) instead of (nr + 1) when splitting the
compressed instruction into two mov(8)'s.

I believe this would cause the hardware to load g5 twice, replicating
subspan 0-1's destination depth to subspan 2-3.  This showed up as 2x2
artifact blocks in both TIS-100 and Reicast.

Normally, we rely on the register allocator to even-align our virtual
GRFs.  But we don't control the payload, so we need to lower SIMD widths
to make it work.  To fix this, we teach lower_simd_width about the
restriction, and then call it again after lower_load_payload (which is
what generates the offending MOV).

Fixes: 8aee87fe (i965: Use SIMD16 instead of SIMD8 on Gen4 when possible.)
Bugzilla: Jason Ekstrand's avatarJason Ekstrand <>
Tested-by: Diego Viola's avatarDiego Viola <>
parent 11b9f63a
......@@ -5115,6 +5115,25 @@ get_fpu_lowered_simd_width(const struct gen_device_info *devinfo,
if (devinfo->gen < 6) {
/* From the G45 PRM, Volume 4 Page 361:
* "Operand Alignment Rule: With the exceptions listed below, a
* source/destination operand in general should be aligned to even
* 256-bit physical register with a region size equal to two 256-bit
* physical registers."
* Normally we enforce this by allocating virtual registers to the
* even-aligned class. But we need to handle payload registers.
for (unsigned i = 0; i < inst->sources; i++) {
if (inst->src[i].file == FIXED_GRF && (inst->src[i].nr & 1) &&
inst->size_read(i) > REG_SIZE) {
max_width = MIN2(max_width, 8);
/* From the IVB PRMs:
* "When an instruction is SIMD32, the low 16 bits of the execution mask
* are applied for both halves of the SIMD32 instruction. If different
......@@ -6321,6 +6340,7 @@ fs_visitor::optimize()
if (OPT(lower_load_payload)) {
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