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    meson: Build SWR driver · e0b037d6
    Dylan Baker authored
    This enables the SWR driver, but doesn't actually hook it up to any of
    the targets yet. I felt like this patch was big and complicated enough
    without adding that.
    v2: - Fix typo 'delemeited' -> 'delimited' (Eric E)
        - Fix type 'errror' -> 'error' (Eric E)
        - Use variables to hold files instead of looking above the current
          meson build (Eric E)
        - Use foreach loops to reduce the number of unique generators
        - Add comment about why some generators have names and some are just
          added to a list
    v3: - Remove trailing whitespace
    Signed-off-by: Dylan Baker's avatarDylan Baker <dylan.c.baker@intel.com>
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