ci: Fix kernel+rootfs.* jobs

The rootfs generation is failing due to issues with the deqp and crosvm
build stages.

== crosvm ==

This week, released the bindgen cargo package at version
0.61.0, but this version could not be installed via `cargo install
bindgen ...`, setting the version to the previous one to avoid breaking
the Mesa rootfs builds.

See also related failed job:

== deqp ==

The deqp build is failing due to the missing archive of an old zlib
release version, which was deleted due to a CVE, see zlib 1.2.13 release

As the deqp uprev to, which contains the fix, was not
straightforward, let's only apply the necessary patch to fix zlib
source code download link and then remove this indirection in an
eventual deqp uprev.

Example of a failed kernel+rootfs build job:

Signed-off-by: Guilherme Gallo <>
256 jobs for !19175 with ci-fix-zlib in 70 minutes and 8 seconds (queued for 9 seconds)
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