panfrost: Clear with a quad to avoid flushing

Flushing the batch midframe (splitting a renderpass) is expensive on a tiler, as
it requires the GPU to flush the framebuffer contents to main memory and read
them back. Clearing the framebuffer should not trigger a flush. Apps expect
clears to be (almost) free, flushing for a clear is at the very least unexpected

The only reason we previously flushed is to ensure we could always use a "fast"
clear. But a slow clear is a heck of a lot faster than a flush ;-) Instead of
flushing, we should clear with a draw (via u_blitter) in case a fast clear isn't

This fixes pathological performance for applications that rely on partial clears
within a frame. This issue was identified with Inochi2D, which repeatedly clears
the stencil buffer midframe, in order to implement masking efficiently with the
stencil buffer. In total, the all-important workload of rendering Asahi Lina is
improved from 17fps to 29fps on a panfrost device.

Fixes: c138ca80 ("panfrost: Make sure a clear does not re-use a pre-existing batch")
Signed-off-by: Alyssa Rosenzweig <>
Part-of: <!17112>
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