iris/xehp: Implement workaround for 3D texturing+anisotropic filtering.

Implements a workaround for HSDES#14014414195.  Note that this change
deviates heavily from the workaround suggested in the HSDES, since all
of the suggestions are either costly at runtime or outright
non-compliant, so they would require us to apply the workaround
selectively for affected applications.

Instead of adding hacks to the compiler that manually implement the
LOD computation of 3D texturing operations in the shader, initialize
an extra sampler state structure in the driver that has anisotropic
filtering forced off, and use it instead of the normal sampler state
structure whenever a 3D texture is bound to the same sampler unit.

Reviewed-by: Tapani Pälli <>
Part-of: <!14489>
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