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WIP: freedreno: Fix dEQP-VK opquantize failures

Matt Turner requested to merge mattst88/mesa:freedreno-opquantize into main

This MR replaces ir3's ir3_cf() optimization with new functionality in NIR, with the goal of fixing most of the* failures. It does not fix the tests dealing with inf currently.

To that end, I allow the load_interpolated_input intrinsic to have a destination type which we can set to fp16. Also, I add a new optimization pass nir_opt_mediump_texops() that reduces the precision of texture operation inputs (e.g. coords, bias) to fp16. I understand that freedreno and also vc4 hardware can benefit from this.

The shader-db results are still overall regressing on freedreno, hence the WIP status. Notably, if a fragment shader consists of something like

#version 300 es

in lowp vec4 output_color;
out highp vec4 fragColor;

void main() {
    fragColor = output_color;

we'll greedily change the precision of the load_interpolated_input intrinsic to fp16 and then be unable to remove the f2f32 conversions required by the store_output.

So, still WIP, but happy to get feedback on the approach.

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