freedreno/ir3/parser: add cat7 support

Danylo Piliaiev requested to merge Danil/mesa:feature/ir3/assemble-cat7 into master

Blob driver doesn't have a lot of variety here, so I only observed:

WIP because tests fail:
Testing a630 e0fa0000x_00000000x: "fence.g.l.r.w"...
FAIL: assembler
  Expected: e0fa0000_00000000
  Got:      e0f80000_00000000
Testing a630 e09a0000x_00000000x: "fence.r.w"...
FAIL: assembler
  Expected: e09a0000_00000000
  Got:      e0980000_00000000
Testing a630 f0420000x_00000000x: "(sy)bar.g"...
FAIL: assembler
  Expected: f0420000_00000000
  Got:      f0400000_00000000
There is a discrepancy between what we emit and what blob does. The above is also true for A530 blob, it also has the same unknown bit set to one:
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