Lima mesa driver

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Mesa Gallium3D driver for ARM Mali 400/450 GPUs.

Lima is still in development and not ready for daily usage, but can run some simple tests like kmscube and glamrk2, and some single full screen application like kodi-gbm.

Mesa related EGL/GLX_EXT_buffer_age and EGL_KHR_partial_update changes are not in this patch series because the solution has not been settle down yet.

There's another patch series under review for share viewport transform with panfrost, after it's upstreamed lima will use it too.

All lima commits are squashed. For whole history of this driver's development, see:

Kernel driver is ready to be merged:


  • remove drm_fourcc.h change dependency
  • drop CAP to calculate min/max index
  • other minor changes inside each patch's comment


  • see lima driver commit comments


  • drop uniform support in nir io lower to scalar
  • add exynos and sun4i-drm to kmsro
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