Nouveau improve format modifiers

This series pulls in the proposed DRM_FORMAT_MOD_NVIDIA_BLOCK_LINEAR_2D() format modifier macro and wires it up in the nouveau nvc0 driver. In doing so, it improves the existing format modifier code to behave more like other format-modifier-capable drivers, and is written in such a way that it should be easier to port to nv50-class and future turing-class drivers as well.

Modifiers supporting import/export of compressed surfaces are not included in this series. Once the general approach here is agreed upon, I can send out a follow-on series adding those as well.

This MR contains the general gallium/dri cleanup MR !3723 (merged). I'm assuming that will be reviewed separately and merged first, at which point I'll rebase, but either way is fine with me.

Edited by James Jones

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