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nvk: EXT_post_depth_coverage

Thomas Andersen requested to merge phomes/mesa:EXT_post_depth_coverage into main

nvk: EXT_post_depth_coverage

EXT_post_depth_coverage was already wired up but the tests were failing. Through experimentation I found that running them in combination with SET_HYBRID_ANTI_ALIAS_CONTROL would cause the tests to fail.

This patch simply skips SET_HYBRID_ANTI_ALIAS_CONTROL when post depth coverage is in use.

This might not be the right way to fix this.

Test results for *post_depth_cover*:

Test run totals:
  Passed:        21/104 (20.2%)
  Failed:        0/104 (0.0%)
  Not supported: 83/104 (79.8%)
  Warnings:      0/104 (0.0%)
  Waived:        0/104 (0.0%)
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