gallium: Stop exposing ->set_damage_region()

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The partial_update() infra is broken and needs fixing at the gallium core level: the BACK_LEFT attachment can be outdated when the user calls KHR_partial_update(), leading to a damage region update on the wrong pipe_resource object. Let's not implement ->set_damage_region() until the core is fixed to handle that properly.

For the record, the original revert (the one that broke Lima build) is here [1]. I also sent an RFC [2] that was solving the problem in a hack-ish way, but couldn't find a solution that would work without passing a DRIContext to ->set_damage_region(). Would be great if DRI/Gallium experts (@mareko?) could help me with that.

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[1]bbrezillon/mesa@19546108 [2]

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