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broadcom: remove unmaintained/untested hw generations

Now that !25450 (merged) has landed, Broadcom's vulkan driver (v3dv) supports two hw generations: v42 and v71.

On the case of v3d (and the common compiler), there are codepaths for v33, v40, v41, v42 and (now) v71. For the case of v41 and v42, most codepaths assume to be the same except on 1/2 really specific places.

But v33 and v40 have not been updated for ages. During the past years development mostly workarounds those codepaths, just ensuring that those keep compiling.

That also means that they were not really tested for ages. In fact, getting hw for that specific version, and installing a common linux distribution could be challenging (perhaps impossible right now). Some time ago we made some quick tests with the simulator, and most tests were failing.

The truth is that right now the Broadcom drivers are tested with the Raspberry series. For the specific case of v3d/v3dv, using the rpi4 and rpi5 devices.

So in order to make easier maintenance, and code readability, this MR sets the only supported versions to be v42 (rpi4) and v71 (rpi5), so this MR:

  • Removes all support for the specific v33 and v40 generation, on v3d and the compiler
  • Updates all v41 references to v42 on v3d, v3dv, and common compiler.

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