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First, teach Panfrost to upload its own internal sampler when txf is used. It already does that on Valhall, it just needs the workaround backported to Midgard and Bifrost. Then Panfrost no longer needs the hack that is PIPE_CAP_TEXTURE_BUFFER_SAMPLER. With no users left, remove the CAP.

The CAP was already not respected by rusticl, so you couldn't set it if you wanted OpenCL support (which is why it was already not needed on Valhall and just needed a bit of generalizing). I regret introducing the CAP in the first place, and no more drivers should use it. Remove it to make sure they don't.

Functional revert of d5d3f77e ("gallium: Add new cap PIPE_CAP_TEXTURE_BUFFER_SAMPLER").

@bbrezillon for panfrost + bifrost changes

@italove for panfrost + midgard changes

@mareko for gallium change

@kwg as a reviewer of the reverted change.

@gfxstrand nir/print cleanup at the end

@zmike my latest contribution to the "delete the CAPs" project

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