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pvr: ci: Initial freedesktop CI integration

Matt Coster requested to merge MTCoster/mesa:ci-build-basic into main

This MR will stay draft:ed until CI runs are doing what they're supposed to. It's deliberately separate from !15243 (merged) (for now) so as to avoid disturbing the bulk of the review work.

This patch adds the PowerVR driver to the following shared builds:

  • debian-arm64
  • debian-clang
  • debian-release
  • debian-vulkan
  • fedora-release

It also adds the associated "tools" to these builds:

  • debian-arm64-build-test
  • debian-release (already uses -Dtools=all)
  • fedora-release

And removes them from these builds by expanding -Dtools=all:

  • debian-gallium
Signed-off-by: Matt Coster <>
Edited by Matt Coster

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