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lima,panfrost: Share tiling code

Alyssa Rosenzweig requested to merge alyssa/mesa:cleanup/share-tiling into master

Both Utgard and Midgard support an uncompressed tiled format. Accordingly, both Lima and Panfrost have software tiling routines. There's a long history of forking the implementations off one another; for a while, similar (but different enough) routines were living in both drivers.

Enough code duplication -- let's just share the file in src/panfrost once and for all :) @anarsoul and I discussed naming over IRC and agreed using the Panfrost naming scheme is ok.

(As a bonus, if we get around a Vulkan driver, it'll be waiting.. :) )

Panfrost is tested working. Lima has been build tested with meson, but not Android, and has not been tested as I don't have the hardware.

CCing @yuq825

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