radv: stop special-casing multi-planar formats in radv_get_modifier_flags

Merged Simon Ser requested to merge emersion/mesa:radv-multiplanar-modifier-features into main

In radv_get_modifier_flags, we had a special case for multi-planar formats. However ac_is_modifier_supported should already take care of rejecting unsupported modifiers for multi-planar buffers.

Some time ago, ac_is_modifier_supported rejected any non-linear modifier for multi-planar formats. 35e25ea1 ("ac/surface: allow non-DCC modifiers for YUV on GFX9+") changed that to allow non-DCC modifiers with multi-planar formats on GFX9+. Since then, the radv check has been out of sync.

A similar patch was applied to radeonsi in 979e1386 ("radeonsi: stop special-casing YUV formats in si_query_dmabuf_modifiers").

This fixes tiling artifacts with NV12 buffers.

Signed-off-by: Simon Ser contact@emersion.fr

cc @bnieuwenhuizen

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