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    • Mike Blumenkrantz's avatar
      docs: add more features · 4e4d91a7
      Mike Blumenkrantz authored and Marge Bot's avatar Marge Bot committed
      Part-of: <!17956>
    • Iago Toral's avatar
      v3dv: expose VK_EXT_load_store_op_none · ab378b9c
      Iago Toral authored and Marge Bot's avatar Marge Bot committed
      This extension adds new NONE attachment load / store operations,
      which are identical to the DONT_CARE variants with the difference
      that DONT_CARE doesn't ensure that the original contents of the
      memory within the render area are preserved and these new versions
      do (with some caveats).
      Our implementation was not destroying data with DONT_CARE anyway
      so we already support the new semantics. Our implementation is
      such that we don't need to do anything specific with the new
      operations and the current behavior will do what is expected.
      We pass all the tests under:
      Reviewed-by: Alejandro Piñeiro's avatarAlejandro Piñeiro <apinheiro@igalia.com>
      Part-of: <!18570>
    • Danylo Piliaiev's avatar
      turnip: implement VK_EXT_multi_draw · 34109c8c
      Danylo Piliaiev authored and Marge Bot's avatar Marge Bot committed
      vkoverhead running:
          * draw numbers are reported as thousands of operations per second
          * percentages for draw cases are relative to 'draw'
         0, draw,                                      29151,        100.0%
         1, draw_multi,                                35449,        121.6%
         2, draw_vertex,                               28907,        99.2%
         3, draw_multi_vertex,                         56658,        194.4%
      Signed-off-by: Danylo Piliaiev's avatarDanylo Piliaiev <dpiliaiev@igalia.com>
      Part-of: <!11502>
    • Connor Abbott's avatar
      tu: Initial implementation of VK_EXT_inline_uniform_block · 201851a3
      Connor Abbott authored and Marge Bot's avatar Marge Bot committed
      This is a trivial implementation where we just insert a UBO descriptor
      pointing to the actual data and then treat it as a normal UBO everywhere
      else. In theory an indirect CP_LOAD_STATE would be more efficient than
      ldc.k to preload inline uniform blocks to constants. However we will
      always need the UBO descriptor anyway, even if we lower the limits
      enough to always be able to preload them, because with variable pointers
      we may have a pointer that could be to either an inline uniform block or
      regular uniform block. So, using an indirect CP_LOAD_STATE should be an
      optimization on top of this.
      Part-of: <!17960>
    • Chia-I Wu's avatar
      turnip: add support for VK_KHR_global_priority · 43c53e32
      Chia-I Wu authored and Marge Bot's avatar Marge Bot committed
      Part-of: <!18510>
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