Commit ef918f0e authored by Jonathan Marek's avatar Jonathan Marek Committed by Marge Bot

turnip: remove pre-emption marker

turnip doesn't implement pre-emption, this hasn't been a problem with drm
backend since the kernel driver doesn't implement it either, however this
causes issues with kgsl backend.
Signed-off-by: Jonathan Marek's avatarJonathan Marek <>
Part-of: <!6994>
parent 3b3a3af9
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......@@ -569,9 +569,6 @@ tu6_emit_tile_select(struct tu_cmd_buffer *cmd,
const struct tu_framebuffer *fb = cmd->state.framebuffer;
tu_cs_emit_pkt7(cs, CP_SET_MARKER, 1);
tu_cs_emit(cs, A6XX_CP_SET_MARKER_0_MODE(RM6_YIELD));
tu_cs_emit_pkt7(cs, CP_SET_MARKER, 1);
tu_cs_emit(cs, A6XX_CP_SET_MARKER_0_MODE(RM6_GMEM));
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