Commit ef726459 authored by Pierre Moreau's avatar Pierre Moreau Committed by Dylan Baker

clover/nir: Check the result of spirv_to_nir

Fixes: deb04adf ("clover: add support for passing kernels as nir to the driver")
Signed-off-by: Pierre Moreau's avatarPierre Moreau <>
Reviewed-by: Karol Herbst's avatarKarol Herbst <>
Part-of: <!4901>
(cherry picked from commit 38bbfd3a)
parent 1d1d5836
......@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@
"description": "clover/nir: Check the result of spirv_to_nir",
"nominated": true,
"nomination_type": 1,
"resolution": 0,
"resolution": 1,
"master_sha": null,
"because_sha": "deb04adf2ae605a017d7ce4e81f57db679567dfa"
......@@ -90,6 +90,11 @@ module clover::nir::spirv_to_nir(const module &mod, const device &dev,
nir_shader *nir = spirv_to_nir(data, num_words, nullptr, 0,
&spirv_options, compiler_options);
if (!nir) {
r_log += "Translation from SPIR-V to NIR for kernel \"" + +
"\" failed.\n";
throw build_error();
nir->info.cs.local_size_variable = true;
nir_validate_shader(nir, "clover");
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