Commit ef660abd authored by Dave Airlie's avatar Dave Airlie

mesa/mtypes: repack gl_shader_program_data.

This reduces the size from 144 bytes to 128 bytes.
Reviewed-by: Thomas Helland's avatarThomas Helland <>
Reviewed-by: Samuel Pitoiset's avatarSamuel Pitoiset <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDave Airlie <>
parent 449ac347
......@@ -2853,9 +2853,9 @@ struct gl_shader_program_data
struct gl_uniform_storage *UniformStorage;
unsigned NumUniformBlocks;
struct gl_uniform_block *UniformBlocks;
unsigned NumShaderStorageBlocks;
struct gl_uniform_block *UniformBlocks;
struct gl_uniform_block *ShaderStorageBlocks;
struct gl_active_atomic_buffer *AtomicBuffers;
......@@ -2873,13 +2873,13 @@ struct gl_shader_program_data
* lands we should switch to using the cache_fallback support.
bool skip_cache;
GLboolean Validated;
/** List of all active resources after linking. */
struct gl_program_resource *ProgramResourceList;
unsigned NumProgramResourceList;
enum gl_link_status LinkStatus; /**< GL_LINK_STATUS */
GLboolean Validated;
GLchar *InfoLog;
unsigned Version; /**< GLSL version used for linking */
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