Commit ecfcb146 authored by Corbin Simpson's avatar Corbin Simpson
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Revert "st/mesa: Always recalculate invalid index bounds."

This reverts commit 50876dda.

Per ML discussion.
parent 3c80e525
......@@ -542,9 +542,9 @@ st_draw_vbo(GLcontext *ctx,
assert(ctx->NewState == 0x0);
/* Gallium probably doesn't want this in some cases. */
if (index_bounds_valid != GL_TRUE) {
vbo_get_minmax_index(ctx, prims, ib, &min_index, &max_index);
if (!index_bounds_valid)
if (!vbo_all_varyings_in_vbos(arrays))
vbo_get_minmax_index(ctx, prims, ib, &min_index, &max_index);
/* sanity check for pointer arithmetic below */
assert(sizeof(arrays[0]->Ptr[0]) == 1);
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