Commit e85dc9a2 authored by Pablo Saavedra's avatar Pablo Saavedra Committed by Marge Bot

ci: Split test_tracie_skips_traces_without_checksum in separate cases

test_tracie_skips_traces_without_checksum does the logic previous to
the commit 8546d1dd. The traces.yml includes
several traces, only the one without checksum is ignored by tracie.

As a complementary action, this change adds an new test
(test_tracie_only_traces_without_checksum) to verify the behavior for
cases where the traces.yml only contains traces without checksum.

Finally, test_tracie_skips_traces_without_checksum is renamed as
Signed-off-by: Pablo Saavedra's avatarPablo Saavedra <>
Reviewed-by: Andres Gomez's avatarAndres Gomez <>
Part-of: <!4916>
parent 550a4f77
......@@ -129,7 +129,24 @@ def test_tracie_fails_on_image_mismatch():
assert check_results_yaml_content(RESULTS_YAML, expectations)
def test_tracie_skips_traces_without_checksum():
def test_tracie_traces_with_and_without_checksum():
filename = "./tests/traces.yml"
content = read_from(filename)
content += ''' - path: trace1/red.testtrace
- device: bla
checksum: 000000000000000'''
write_to(content, filename)
# red.testtrace should be skipped, since it doesn't
# have any checksums for our device
filename = "./traces-db/trace1/red.testtrace"
content = "ff0000ff"
write_to(content, filename)
assert run_tracie()
def test_tracie_only_traces_without_checksum():
filename = "./tests/traces.yml"
content = '''traces:
- path: trace1/red.testtrace
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