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docs: Add some notes on building for macOS

I intend this page to grow as I explore more about Mesa/Darwin.

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Linux Kernel Drivers <>
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Notes for macOS
Mesa builds on macOS without modifications. However, there are some details to
be aware of.
- Mesa has a number of build-time dependencies. Most dependencies, including
Meson itself, are available in `homebrew <>`, which has a
Mesa package for reference. The exception seems to be Mako, a Python module
used for templating, which you can install as `pip3 install mako`.
- macOS's default C compiler doesn't play nice with some C11 idioms used in
Mesa. To workaround, set `-Dc_std=c11`.
- macOS is picky about its build-time environment. Type `brew sh` before
building to get the Homebrew dependencies in your path.
At the moment, only the software rasterizers are supported on macOS. Stay tuned
for updates here!
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