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docs: add links to documented drivers

There's a few more drivers that we have docs for that we didn't link to
from the systems article yet. Let's fix that.
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......@@ -19,8 +19,8 @@ Hardware drivers include:
Wiki <>`__
- Qualcomm Adreno A2xx-A6xx. See :doc:`Freedreno
- Broadcom VideoCore 4, 5. See `This Week in
V3D <>`__
- Broadcom VideoCore 4 and 5. See :doc:`VC4 <drivers/vc4>` and
:doc:`V3D <drivers/v3d>`
- ARM Mali Utgard. See :doc:`Lima <drivers/lima>`
- ARM Mali Midgard, Bifrost. See :doc:`Panfrost <drivers/panfrost>`
- Vivante GCxxx. See `Etnaviv
......@@ -29,9 +29,13 @@ Hardware drivers include:
Layered driver include:
- :doc:`D3D12 <drivers/d3d12>` - driver providing OpenGL on top of
Microsoft's Direct3D 12 API.
- :doc:`SVGA3D <drivers/svga3d>` - driver for VMware virtual GPU
- `VirGL <>`__ - research project for
accelerated graphics for qemu guests
- :doc:`Zink <drivers/zink>` - driver providing OpenGL on top of
Khoronos' Vulkan API.
Software drivers include:
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