Commit e4974852 authored by Jonathan Marek's avatar Jonathan Marek Committed by Marge Bot

freedreno: reduce extra height alignment in a6xx layout

Signed-off-by: Jonathan Marek's avatarJonathan Marek <>
Part-of: <!4611>
parent f6f8a190
......@@ -169,14 +169,14 @@ fdl6_layout(struct fdl_layout *layout,
nblocksy = align(nblocksy, ta->heightalign);
/* The blits used for mem<->gmem work at a granularity of
* 32x32, which can cause faults due to over-fetch on the
* 16x4, which can cause faults due to over-fetch on the
* last level. The simple solution is to over-allocate a
* bit the last level to ensure any over-fetch is harmless.
* The pitch is already sufficiently aligned, but height
* may not be:
* may not be. note this only matters if last level is linear
if (level == mip_levels - 1)
nblocksy = align(nblocksy, 32);
height = align(nblocksy, 4);
uint32_t nblocksx =
util_align_npot(util_format_get_nblocksx(format, u_minify(pitch0, level)),
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