Commit e40a58b7 authored by Marek Olšák's avatar Marek Olšák

st/mesa: enable ARB_explicit_attrib_location and EXT_separate_shader_objects

Gallium drivers pass all piglit tests for the two (there are 12 tests
for separate_shader_objects and 5 tests for explicit_attrib_location),
and I was told the extensions don't need any driver-specific code.

I made them dependent on PIPE_CAP_GLSL.
Signed-off-by: Brian Paul's avatarBrian Paul <>
parent 5e3733fa
......@@ -298,6 +298,8 @@ void st_init_extensions(struct st_context *st)
ctx->Extensions.ARB_vertex_shader = GL_TRUE;
ctx->Extensions.ARB_shader_objects = GL_TRUE;
ctx->Extensions.ARB_shading_language_100 = GL_TRUE;
ctx->Extensions.ARB_explicit_attrib_location = GL_TRUE;
ctx->Extensions.EXT_separate_shader_objects = GL_TRUE;
if (screen->get_param(screen, PIPE_CAP_TEXTURE_MIRROR_REPEAT) > 0) {
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