Commit df6b320a authored by Wladimir J. van der Laan's avatar Wladimir J. van der Laan Committed by Christian Gmeiner
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etnaviv: Set up unknown GC3000 states

Set up new states that the blob started setting for GC3000 consistently.

This makes sure that when another test or driver leaves the GPU in
unpredictable state, these states are set up correctly for our
Signed-off-by: Wladimir J. van der Laan's avatarWladimir J. van der Laan <>
Reviewed-by: Christian Gmeiner's avatarChristian Gmeiner <>
parent a2132fbd
......@@ -317,8 +317,19 @@ etna_cmd_stream_reset_notify(struct etna_cmd_stream *stream, void *priv)
etna_set_state(stream, VIVS_GL_VERTEX_ELEMENT_CONFIG, 0x00000001);
etna_set_state(stream, VIVS_RA_EARLY_DEPTH, 0x00000031);
etna_set_state(stream, VIVS_PA_W_CLIP_LIMIT, 0x34000001);
etna_set_state(stream, VIVS_PA_FLAGS, 0x00000000); /* blob sets ZCONVERT_BYPASS on GC3000, this messes up z for us */
etna_set_state(stream, VIVS_RA_UNK00E0C, 0x00000000);
etna_set_state(stream, VIVS_PA_VIEWPORT_UNK00A80, 0x38a01404);
etna_set_state(stream, VIVS_PA_VIEWPORT_UNK00A84, fui(8192.0));
etna_set_state(stream, VIVS_PA_ZFARCLIPPING, 0x00000000);
etna_set_state(stream, VIVS_PE_ALPHA_COLOR_EXT0, 0x00000000);
etna_set_state(stream, VIVS_PE_ALPHA_COLOR_EXT1, 0x00000000);
etna_set_state(stream, VIVS_RA_HDEPTH_CONTROL, 0x00007000);
etna_set_state(stream, VIVS_PE_STENCIL_CONFIG_EXT2, 0x00000000);
etna_set_state(stream, VIVS_GL_UNK03834, 0x00000000);
etna_set_state(stream, VIVS_GL_UNK03838, 0x00000000);
etna_set_state(stream, VIVS_GL_UNK03854, 0x00000000);
etna_set_state(stream, VIVS_PS_CONTROL_EXT, 0x00000000);
/* Enable SINGLE_BUFFER for resolve, if supported */
etna_set_state(stream, VIVS_RS_SINGLE_BUFFER, COND(ctx->specs.single_buffer, VIVS_RS_SINGLE_BUFFER_ENABLE));
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