Commit dd7be07c authored by Roland Scheidegger's avatar Roland Scheidegger

st/mesa: fix wrong initialization of MaxPointSize

parent 68f93ea3
......@@ -114,6 +114,10 @@ void st_init_limits(struct st_context *st)
= _maxf(1.0f, screen->get_paramf(screen, PIPE_CAP_MAX_POINT_WIDTH));
= _maxf(1.0f, screen->get_paramf(screen, PIPE_CAP_MAX_POINT_WIDTH_AA));
/* called after _mesa_create_context/_mesa_init_point, fix default user
* settable max point size up
st->ctx->Point.MaxSize = MAX2(c->MaxPointSize, c->MaxPointSizeAA);
/* these are not queryable. Note that GL basically mandates a 1.0 minimum
* for non-aa sizes, but we can go down to 0.0 for aa points.
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