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This info is no longer true, so let's delete it.
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......@@ -27,28 +27,3 @@ Run the Demos
There are some demos in ``mesa/demos`` repository.
Dispatch Table
OpenGL ES has an additional indirection when dispatching functions
Mesa: glFoo() --> _mesa_Foo()
OpenGL ES: glFoo() --> _es_Foo() --> _mesa_Foo()
The indirection serves several purposes
- When a function is in Mesa and the type matches, it checks the
arguments and calls the Mesa function.
- When a function is in Mesa but the type mismatches, it checks and
converts the arguments before calling the Mesa function.
- When a function is not available in Mesa, or accepts arguments that
are not available in OpenGL, it provides its own implementation.
Other than the last case, OpenGL ES uses ``APIspec.xml`` to generate
functions to check and/or converts the arguments.
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