Commit c8ed5ac2 authored by Simon Zeni's avatar Simon Zeni Committed by Marge Bot
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anv: Implement VK_EXT_acquire_drm_display

Signed-off-by: Simon Zeni's avatarSimon Zeni <>
Reviewed-by: Simon Ser's avatarSimon Ser <>
Tested-by: Simon Ser's avatarSimon Ser <>
Part-of: <!11735>
parent f438cbc2
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......@@ -563,7 +563,7 @@ Khronos extensions that are not part of any Vulkan version:
VK_GOOGLE_user_type DONE (anv, radv)
VK_IMG_filter_cubic DONE (tu/a650)
VK_NV_compute_shader_derivatives DONE (anv, radv)
VK_EXT_acquire_drm_display DONE (radv)
VK_EXT_acquire_drm_display DONE (radv, anv)
OpenCL 1.0 -- all DONE:
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ VK_KHR_shader_subgroup_uniform_control_flow on Intel and RADV.
VK_EXT_color_write_enable on RADV.
32-bit x86 builds now default disable x87 math and use sse2.
GL ES 3.1 on GT21x hardware.
VK_EXT_acquire_drm_display on RADV.
VK_EXT_acquire_drm_display on RADV and ANV.
VK_EXT_vertex_input_dynamic_state on lavapipe
wideLines on lavapipe
VK_EXT_line_rasterization on lavapipe
......@@ -191,6 +191,7 @@ static const struct vk_instance_extension_table instance_extensions = {
.KHR_get_display_properties2 = true,
.EXT_direct_mode_display = true,
.EXT_display_surface_counter = true,
.EXT_acquire_drm_display = true,
......@@ -315,3 +315,24 @@ anv_GetSwapchainCounterEXT(VkDevice _device,
_device, &device->physical->wsi_device,
swapchain, flag_bits, value);
anv_AcquireDrmDisplayEXT(VkPhysicalDevice physical_device,
int32_t drm_fd,
VkDisplayKHR display)
ANV_FROM_HANDLE(anv_physical_device, pdevice, physical_device);
return wsi_acquire_drm_display(physical_device, &pdevice->wsi_device, drm_fd, display);
anv_GetDrmDisplayEXT(VkPhysicalDevice physical_device,
int32_t drm_fd,
uint32_t connector_id,
VkDisplayKHR *display)
ANV_FROM_HANDLE(anv_physical_device, pdevice, physical_device);
return wsi_get_drm_display(physical_device, &pdevice->wsi_device, drm_fd, connector_id, display);
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