Commit bd0300f8 authored by Bas Nieuwenhuizen's avatar Bas Nieuwenhuizen Committed by Dylan Baker
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radv: Disable NGG for geometry shaders.

A bunch of remaining issues including some that affect users.

Fixes: ee21bd74

 "radv/gfx10: implement NGG support (VS only)"
Reviewed-by: Samuel Pitoiset's avatarSamuel Pitoiset <>
(cherry picked from commit c037fe5a)
parent 4385e6cf
......@@ -2339,6 +2339,26 @@ radv_fill_shader_keys(struct radv_device *device,
keys[MESA_SHADER_TESS_EVAL].vs_common_out.as_ngg = false;
* Disable NGG with geometry shaders. There are a bunch of
* issues still:
* * GS primitives in pipeline statistic queries do not get
* updates. See dEQP-VK.query_pool.statistics_query.geometry_shader_primitives
* * dEQP-VK.clipping.user_defined.clip_cull_distance_dynamic_index.*geom* failures
* * Interactions with tessellation failing:
* dEQP-VK.tessellation.geometry_interaction.passthrough.tessellate_isolines_passthrough_geometry_no_change
* * General issues with the last primitive missing/corrupt:
* Furthermore, XGL/AMDVLK also disables this as of 9b632ef.
keys[MESA_SHADER_TESS_EVAL].vs_common_out.as_ngg = false;
keys[MESA_SHADER_VERTEX].vs_common_out.as_ngg = false;
/* TODO: Implement streamout support for NGG. */
gl_shader_stage last_xfb_stage = MESA_SHADER_VERTEX;
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