Commit b3745938 authored by Luca Barbieri's avatar Luca Barbieri

mesa/st: set compiler options based on Gallium shader caps

This turns on if conversion and unlimited loop unrolling if control
flow is not supported.

NOTE: this will change the behavior of r300g and any other driver
that doesn't advertise control flow
parent a508d2dd
......@@ -162,7 +162,16 @@ void st_init_limits(struct st_context *st)
pc->MaxNativeAddressRegs = screen->get_shader_param(screen, i, PIPE_SHADER_CAP_MAX_ADDRS);
pc->MaxNativeParameters = screen->get_shader_param(screen, i, PIPE_SHADER_CAP_MAX_CONSTS);
/* TODO: make these more fine-grained if anyone needs it */
options->EmitNoIfs = !screen->get_shader_param(screen, i, PIPE_SHADER_CAP_MAX_CONTROL_FLOW_DEPTH);
options->EmitNoFunctions = !screen->get_shader_param(screen, i, PIPE_SHADER_CAP_MAX_CONTROL_FLOW_DEPTH);
options->EmitNoLoops = !screen->get_shader_param(screen, i, PIPE_SHADER_CAP_MAX_CONTROL_FLOW_DEPTH);
options->EmitNoMainReturn = !screen->get_shader_param(screen, i, PIPE_SHADER_CAP_MAX_CONTROL_FLOW_DEPTH);
options->EmitNoCont = !screen->get_shader_param(screen, i, PIPE_SHADER_CAP_TGSI_CONT_SUPPORTED);
options->MaxUnrollIterations = MIN2(screen->get_shader_param(screen, i, PIPE_SHADER_CAP_MAX_INSTRUCTIONS), 65536);
/* PIPE_CAP_MAX_FS_INPUTS specifies the number of COLORn + GENERICn inputs
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