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docs: document r600 envvars

We document other AMD GPU envvars, so let's add docs for the r600
envvars as well.

Closes: mesa/mesa#2022

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......@@ -776,5 +776,136 @@ radeonsi driver environment variables
Enable DFSM.
r600 driver environment variables
a comma-separated list of named flags, which do various things:
Disable CP DMA
Disable sb backend for graphics shaders
Enable sb backend for compute shaders
Don't use optimized bytecode (just print the dumps)
Print optimization statistics for shaders
Print IR dumps after some optimization passes
Abort on errors instead of fallback
Use sb disassembler for shader dumps
Disable unsafe math optimizations
Enable NIR with SB optimizer
Print texture info
Enable experimental NIR shaders
Print compute info
Print virtual addresses when creating resources
Print driver information
Print fetch shaders
Print vertex shaders
Print geometry shaders
Print pixel shaders
Print compute shaders
Print tessellation control shaders
Print tessellation evaluation shaders
Don't print the LLVM IR
Don't print the TGSI
Don't print disassembled shaders
Print the LLVM IR before initial optimizations
Enable additional sanity checks on shader IR
Disable compiling optimized shader variants.
Invoke SDMA tests and exit.
Invoke a CP VM fault test and exit.
Invoke a SDMA VM fault test and exit.
Invoke a shader VM fault test and exit.
Disable asynchronous DMA
Disable Hyper-Z
Disable handling of INVALIDATE_RANGE map flags
Disable 2D tiling
Disable tiling
Program WD/IA to switch on end-of-packet.
Use asynchronous DMA for all operations when possible.
Compile one shader variant at shader creation.
Disable GTT write combining
Check VM faults and dump debug info.
Enable unsafe math shader optimizations
if set to ``true``, various compute-related debug information will
be printed to stderr. Defaults to ``false``.
if set to ``true``, NIR shaders will be printed to stderr. Defaults
to ``false``.
If set to ``false``, disables HyperZ optimizations. Defaults to ``true``.
a comma-separated list of named flags, which do various things:
Log all consumed nir instructions
Log created R600 IR
Log R600 IR to assembly code creation
Don't log shader conversion errors
Log shader info (non-zero values)
Log register allocation and lookup
Log shader in and output
Log IR to assembly conversion
Log control flow instructions
Log register merge operations
Skip register merge step
Log texture ops
Log generic translation messages
Other Gallium drivers have their own environment variables. These may
change frequently so the source code should be consulted for details.
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