Commit 99fbf7ce authored by Brian Paul's avatar Brian Paul
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st/mesa: remove stImage->base.Face/Level assignments in st_TexImage()

This fixes a regresssion (broken cube maps) caused by the
ctx->Driver.TexImage parameter simplification commit.  The target var
is always GL_TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP at this point so the Face field was always
getting set to zero.

These field assignments aren't needed anyway since core Mesa sets them.
parent bed4c7ea
......@@ -544,9 +544,6 @@ st_TexImage(struct gl_context * ctx,
assert(texImage->Height == height);
assert(texImage->Depth == depth);
stImage->base.Face = _mesa_tex_target_to_face(target);
stImage->base.Level = level;
/* Release the reference to a potentially orphaned buffer.
* Release any old malloced memory.
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