Commit 8ef3b183 authored by Emma Anholt's avatar Emma Anholt
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i965: Do VS SGT, SLT, and friends using CMP, SEL instead of CMP, MOV, MOV.

parent 512d8ca2
......@@ -384,9 +384,8 @@ static void emit_sop( struct brw_vs_compile *c,
struct brw_compile *p = &c->func;
brw_MOV(p, dst, brw_imm_f(0.0f));
brw_CMP(p, brw_null_reg(), cond, arg0, arg1);
brw_MOV(p, dst, brw_imm_f(1.0f));
brw_CMP(p, brw_null_reg(), cond, arg1, arg0);
brw_SEL(p, dst, brw_null_reg(), brw_imm_f(1.0f));
brw_set_predicate_control_flag_value(p, 0xff);
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