Commit 8e430ff8 authored by Vedran Miletić's avatar Vedran Miletić Committed by Tom Stellard
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clover: adapt to new error API since LLVM r286752

Tested-by: Dieter Nützel's avatarDieter Nützel <>
parent c8a51fa7
......@@ -98,8 +98,14 @@ clover::llvm::parse_module_library(const module &m, ::llvm::LLVMContext &ctx,
std::string &r_log) {
auto mod = ::llvm::parseBitcodeFile(::llvm::MemoryBufferRef(
as_string(m.secs[0].data), " "), ctx);
if (!mod)
fail(r_log, error(CL_INVALID_PROGRAM), mod.getError().message());
if (::llvm::Error err = mod.takeError()) {
std::string msg;
::llvm::handleAllErrors(std::move(err), [&](::llvm::ErrorInfoBase &EIB) {
msg = EIB.message();
fail(r_log, error(CL_INVALID_PROGRAM), msg.c_str());
return std::unique_ptr<::llvm::Module>(std::move(*mod));
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