Commit 81f7cb14 authored by Marek Olšák's avatar Marek Olšák Committed by Marge Bot

st/mesa: enable state var merging to improve fetch_state performance

The requirement is that drivers must implement finalize_nir for
st_finalize_nir to be invoked at link time and before shader variant
generation. Without that, _mesa_optimize_state_parameters won't be called.
Reviewed-by: Zoltán Böszörményi's avatarZoltán Böszörményi <>
Part-of: <mesa/mesa!8183>
parent fd6ce2be
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......@@ -565,7 +565,7 @@ st_glsl_to_nir_post_opts(struct st_context *st, struct gl_program *prog,
if (st->allow_st_finalize_nir_twice)
st_finalize_nir(st, prog, shader_program, nir, true);
st_finalize_nir(st, prog, shader_program, nir, true, true);
if (st->ctx->_Shader->Flags & GLSL_DUMP) {
......@@ -1018,7 +1018,8 @@ st_nir_lower_uniforms(struct st_context *st, nir_shader *nir)
st_finalize_nir(struct st_context *st, struct gl_program *prog,
struct gl_shader_program *shader_program,
nir_shader *nir, bool finalize_by_driver)
nir_shader *nir, bool finalize_by_driver,
bool is_before_variants)
struct pipe_screen *screen = st->screen;
......@@ -1032,6 +1033,15 @@ st_finalize_nir(struct st_context *st, struct gl_program *prog,
nir->num_uniforms = DIV_ROUND_UP(prog->Parameters->NumParameterValues, 4);
st_nir_lower_uniforms(st, nir);
if (is_before_variants && nir->options->lower_uniforms_to_ubo) {
/* This must be done after uniforms are lowered to UBO and all
* nir_var_uniform variables are removed from NIR to prevent conflicts
* between state parameter merging and shader variant generation.
_mesa_optimize_state_parameters(&st->ctx->Const, prog->Parameters);
st_nir_lower_samplers(screen, nir, shader_program, prog);
if (!screen->get_param(screen, PIPE_CAP_NIR_IMAGES_AS_DEREF))
NIR_PASS_V(nir, gl_nir_lower_images, false);
......@@ -43,7 +43,8 @@ void st_nir_lower_wpos_ytransform(struct nir_shader *nir,
void st_finalize_nir(struct st_context *st, struct gl_program *prog,
struct gl_shader_program *shader_program,
struct nir_shader *nir, bool finalize_by_driver);
struct nir_shader *nir, bool finalize_by_driver,
bool is_before_variants);
void st_nir_opts(struct nir_shader *nir);
......@@ -391,7 +391,7 @@ st_prog_to_nir_postprocess(struct st_context *st, nir_shader *nir,
if (st->allow_st_finalize_nir_twice)
st_finalize_nir(st, prog, NULL, nir, true);
st_finalize_nir(st, prog, NULL, nir, true, true);
nir_validate_shader(nir, "after st/glsl finalize_nir");
......@@ -785,7 +785,7 @@ st_create_vp_variant(struct st_context *st,
if (finalize || !st->allow_st_finalize_nir_twice) {
st_finalize_nir(st, &stvp->Base, stvp->shader_program,,
true, false);
/* Some of the lowering above may have introduced new varyings */
......@@ -1360,7 +1360,7 @@ st_create_fp_variant(struct st_context *st,
if (finalize || !st->allow_st_finalize_nir_twice) {
st_finalize_nir(st, &stfp->Base, stfp->shader_program,,
false, false);
/* This pass needs to happen *after* nir_lower_sampler */
......@@ -1761,7 +1761,7 @@ st_get_common_variant(struct st_context *st,
if (finalize || !st->allow_st_finalize_nir_twice) {
st_finalize_nir(st, &prog->Base, prog->shader_program,, true);, true, false);
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