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docs: Explain how to set up a personal gitlab runner.

I'm not the only one doing it, so document it, especially since there's a
new trick as of

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what happened and what the mitigation plan is for that failure next
Personal runners
Mesa's CI is currently run primarily on's m1xlarge nodes
(2.2Ghz Sandybridge), with each job getting 8 cores allocated. You
can speed up your personal CI builds (and marge-bot merges) by using a
faster personal machine as a runner. You can find the gitlab-runner
package in debian, or use gitlab's own builds.
To do so, follow `gitlab's instructions
<>`__ to
register your personal gitlab runner in your Mesa fork. Then, tell
Mesa how many jobs it should serve (``concurrent=``) and how many
cores those jobs should use (``FDO_CI_CONCURRENT=``) by editing these
lines in ``/etc/gitlab-runner/config.toml``, for example::
concurrent = 2
environment = ["FDO_CI_CONCURRENT=16"]
Docker caching
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