Commit 7d3f9ed7 authored by Ilia Mirkin's avatar Ilia Mirkin

st/mesa: MAX_VARYING is the max supported number of patch varyings, not min

This fixes
on nouveau. We only support 30 patch varyings (as 2 vec4 slots end up
being used for tess level settings), but were getting 32 exposed.
Signed-off-by: Ilia Mirkin's avatarIlia Mirkin <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarMarek Olšák <>
Cc: "13.0 17.0" <>
parent e73f87fc
......@@ -348,7 +348,7 @@ void st_init_limits(struct pipe_screen *screen,
c->MaxGeometryTotalOutputComponents =
c->MaxTessPatchComponents =
MAX2(screen->get_param(screen, PIPE_CAP_MAX_SHADER_PATCH_VARYINGS),
MIN2(screen->get_param(screen, PIPE_CAP_MAX_SHADER_PATCH_VARYINGS),
c->MinProgramTexelOffset =
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