Commit 7810606f authored by Michal Krol's avatar Michal Krol

softpipe: Map GS constants, too.

parent 366f1176
......@@ -181,9 +181,8 @@ softpipe_set_constant_buffer(struct pipe_context *pipe,
/* note: reference counting */
pipe_resource_reference(&softpipe->constants[shader][index], constants);
if(shader == PIPE_SHADER_VERTEX) {
draw_set_mapped_constant_buffer(softpipe->draw, PIPE_SHADER_VERTEX, index,
data, size);
if (shader == PIPE_SHADER_VERTEX || shader == PIPE_SHADER_GEOMETRY) {
draw_set_mapped_constant_buffer(softpipe->draw, shader, index, data, size);
softpipe->mapped_constants[shader][index] = data;
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